Why am I created by Allah? by-Nina Hanson

 Jummah Khutbah : Who am I?

A question I couldn’t find answer to
Allah states in the Quran that He created Mankind to be His Khalefah,His trustee on earth Q2vs30
But, I keep feeling this emptiness inside me
I feel something not fulfilling in me
Oh! It is my purpose in life
Why am I created by Allah?
What is my purpose in this life
The Quran replied me
And I Allah created not the jinn and MANKIND Except that they should worship me Chapter 51:56 . But, am I fulfilling this special honor
Given to me by Allah to worship Him?
Am I yearning towards this purpose?
Yes, I read, I learn
I pray, I strive,
But, are those deeds dedicated to the worship of Allah ?
I strive, but, is it done sincerely for Allah ?
Another question I find hard to answer
Shame on me! You may say.
Those same questions apply to you also. In our pursuit to rule the world,
We forget our place of eternal abode.
We build mansions.
We aim not to own a dwelling in paradise
We insure our property and sometimes our life
We insure not our deeds and our eternity
We want the World to be proud of our success
We aim not to be successful in the sight of Allah
Are our deeds for Allah?
Or for our Nafs Self ?
Are our intentions alright? Who are we? I wonder
Who are we not obeying Allah’s
Are we His obedient servants?
Or servants to our whims?
A question that needs a sincere answer
From you and me before it’s late
Let us remember,
death will surely pay us a visit
Whether soon or later, only Allah knows
hell is real and ready for its inhabitant
paradise is certain for those who strive for it
A reminder for me and you Jummah Barakath Brothers and Sisters May Allah Taala bless you all always and forever Ameen Alhamdulillah Salaam


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