The Blessing & Amazing Called Wudu


There are some moments in life that touch you forever! They make your heart thump loudly with ecstasy and excitement… And you want to live that moment and do not want it to end, ever!

I live such moments about five times a day. When the first drop of water touches my hand, I feel a thrill pass through me. I wash my hands, rinse my mouth and nose, wash my face and arms, wipe my head with water and wash my feet. Oh bliss! It’s the wudu (Muslim ablution). Every organ of my body feels that happiness as water caresses it. It’s not just because it is summer, even in winter I get the same feeling of joy.

I wondered what could be the reason of this, do I feel the same whenever I wash my hands/face or take a bath? I realized that this was not the case. Then I thought, maybe Allah puts this special feeling of freshness, revitalization and joy only in performing the Muslim ablution. Yes, this must be it!

There’s another thing that I’m sure of. There must be some very deep wisdom hidden in washing only the organs that we’re meant to wash during wudu. If the western scientists haven’t started searching on it, they’re missing on it big time. We could have been told to wash the feet without including the ankles; or wash them, including the legs till knees; or not wash the arms. But the Creator fixed the body parts to be washed. There must be huge health benefits associated with this that would be mind blowing. Even the sequence of washing must have something deep in it, that we know not.

Just these refreshing feelings would have been enough, but then, I’m rewarded for it too!  But whaaa’?! I enjoy it and then get reward for it too? Amazing!

I pity those wretched people who don’t know this blessing, who don’t perform ablution. How poor are they! :(
Read on to know why.

My sins are forgiven,

‘Uthman ibn ‘Affan said, “I saw the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, do wudu’ like I am doing wudu’ now. Then he said, ‘Anyone who does wudu’ like that, will be forgiven his previous wrong actions, and his prayer and his walking to the mosque are an added bonus.’” [Muslim]

All the doors of jannah will open up for me,

‘Umar ibn al-Khattab reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “No one among you does wudu’ and does wudu’ thoroughly -– or adequately – and then testifies, ‘There is no god but Allah Alone with no partner and I testify that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger’ without the eight doors of the Garden being opened to him so that he can enter by whichever of them he wishes.” [Muslim]

And then, I’ll be recognized by my beloved (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wassalam) by traces of wudu on me? Ultimate!

Narrated Nu’am Al-Mujmir: Once I went up the roof of the mosque, along with Abu Huraira. He performed ablution and said, “I heard the Prophet saying, “On the Day of Resurrection, my followers will be called “Al-Ghurr-ul-Muhajjalun” from the trace of ablution and whoever can increase the area of his radiance should do so (i.e. by performing ablution regularly).’ ” [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 4, Number 138]

I feel awesome! O Performer of Ablution, do you?



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