Aasiya – the symbol of steadfastness and patience

Aasiya – the symbol of steadfastness & patience

What does it take to reach perfection in the eyes of our Creator?

We need look no further than the awe-inspiring example of Aasiya, the wife of Pharaoh. Aasiya was not only subjected to torture as a consequence of her commitment to Allah, but was also married to her oppressor, Pharaoh, one of the most notorious tyrants in history.

Aasiya recognized truth from falsehood (i.e. Pharaoh’s claims that he was god) and equally as important, acted upon the truth as soon as she accepted it. Despite continuous threats and physical abuse, Aasiyah stood firm against Pharaoh. She chose to give up all the riches that Pharaoh and his empire had to offer in exchange for her belief in Allah. Her story is forever memorialized in the Qur’an for all of humanity to take lessons from:

“God sets forth an example for those who believe — the wife of Pharaoh who said: My Lord, build for me with Thee a house in heaven, and save me from the Pharaoh and his doings, and save me from an unjust people.”

Ultimately, Aasiya offered the greatest sacrifice, becoming a martyr because of her steadfastness on the truth.

Aasiya’s experience is a source of guidance and inspiration for all women. But the discussion does not end there.


Aasiya, Pharaoh’s Wife ;-

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