THE QADA NAMAZES [OMITTED PRAYERS]Being an Ibadat-i badaniyya (physical worship), namaz cannot be performed on behalf of some one else. Everyone has to perform it himself. A person who is seriously ill or very old cannot give fidya [money] to the poor in place of performing namaz. However, he can give fidya as a substitute for fasting when he is not able to fast.Image

It is written in Halabi al-kabir: “A person who has omitted a namaz with an excuse or without an excuse has to make qada of it (has to perform it later). Since only in the Hanbali Madhhab a person who omits a namaz without an excuse becomes a renegade, he does not have to make qada of a namaz. He has to make his tawba for disbelief first.” It is written on its sixth page, “Because it is definitely fard to perform namaz, he…

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