Simple ways to reduce obesity & Ideal weight of male/female

ideal weight Male & Female
Simple ways to reduce obesity. . .

In today’s time, men, women, gender and obesity is a major problem or not ulai flesh.

For women only less physical exertion, lack of adequate nutritious food is a cause. In addition, more time to sit in front of the television, because it is like to sleep in a long time.

For such a simple way that you now see how to reduce obesity.

Normally, if you drink water instead of sipping water mixed with anise ulai muscle in the body is reduced and the body shape.

Eating food, garlic, onion and add more if the unwanted fats in the body, reducing the refreshing utalirku.

If cooking is pappalikkayai lean body. In addition, despite having ORCHID root nirvittu bulky body lean in half, followed by distillation.

If you reduce body weight in milk, drink fennel amukkiraver distillation. If you eat 2 times per week may reduce abdominal muscle gourd.

If you want to avoid putting more flesh, lemon juice mixed in a cup of tea in the morning to kutittuvara. In addition, valaittantu juice, juice arukampul While sipping his flesh must continue to prevent any one of these.

It is above all in the morning and half an hour of walking dissolve the cholesterol, lower body weight, is refreshingly cool.

1) Always in our thoughts positive if it can be achieved.’s The body melivatarkum apply. Body to slim down and exercise, tayattin be started, if no body weight loss, and now it has fallen to you in your heart think. Behind you and try to . what’s left in the half that did not do 2 varamakiyum body weight decrease. then more likely to gain weight.

2) Physical training, trade, and then do not do it. Prior to eating right.

3) than drinking cold water, hot water, drinking helps to reduce body weight.

4) 3 times and take the 3-hour interval 6 times to eat., So always eat a meal (same size) in two separate 2 times to eat.’s So many people who follow the tayattin time. Everyone’s mettapalicamum be the same. These separate eating the body fat to stay Without easy access to the food jiranamakivitum.’s why doctors say that sugar patients to eat smaller meals. always eat in the dining tattaivita small plate. then admit that we eat a lot. slowly, chew well and eat. thus reduce the amount of food they take.

5) Take with meals more frequently to reduce body weight. Gram soup, etc. to eat chickpeas. Soak it in water for a night with a handle to wake up in the morning and eat it. This will definitely reduce weight.

6) What’s eaten and how much energy is available see.’s Overseas residents to the simple. Much kg Jules, the ingredients are easily avoided possible., Which is important to avoid Sweets. Weight is the first reason. Equal as the calories low Sweetener to use.

7) diet is hunger are available., As well as taste the food has to eat there. Do this when undergoing so come. Anything unpleasant like to do. Perhaps even starvation kitakkatirkal. Then you unknowingly next time more will eat. Again dietary fat in the body remain. Leg It is very important to take food.

8) puddle, water Prepare vegetables as planned. Fried food once a week, even eat sweets. Mainly from the diet for our health care available to all cattukkalum Fat, calcium, iron, etc. Our body needs. Thus a decline in hair loss, anemia, bone deterioration, etc. occur. Lentils, spinach, boiled eggs, rice, milk, etc to add. Cooking time high in fat and preventing it.
Diet is one of the said. White and still, less the amount added to take. Jini, salt, rice, milk, yogurt is a way to minimize the materials required. Many people Full Cream milk, Skim Milk to the distinction between knowing there. Skim milk and water as the most It Diluted Full Cream milk of water added to the milk that also. then brought the use of a no. Skim milk is fortified milk., but the milk in such cattukkalum remain the way it is. therefore, body weight decrease and skim milk can be used. nutritional deficiency will not occur.

9) a week at least oats, barley add. Oats in the body fat, barley body of water will decrease., But the barley is especially pregnant women use it.’s Water, reducing the number of caesarean with leaves. Some leg, arm swelling during pregnancy when the most barley உட்கொண்டுவிடுவத் நேர்ந்துவிடுகிறது like this. ventayakkanci contrast to eat (pregnant).

10) Your Lifestyle according to the physical set this. You pitnes Centre for the training can be done only if the add. Child holders, baby Bram keep pushing and walking safely. They just show the led are like. Waking up is very necessary. Feeling a certain Do not cut the part. walking, jogging outside of the home, physical training can not do any training. properly learned or understood the book, I try to get the videos can vittinulleye.

11), high oil, mattan (a month times, in a week time the lean meat and eat), snacks (chips) and calorie-rich products Avoid. Tea drinking body fat to spare. Especially green tea is very good. ‘Milk, add or skim Milner and drink .

12) High Energy cerippatarku take certain types of foods. Example Apple, Broccoli high energy required to digest like. They need more energy to get energy from fat in our body. Anyway, the above items are excluded while eating fat in the body.

13) Pepsi, Coke and drinks kutitte to the Sugar Free or Diet drinks let. Milo, Horlicks like weight accumulate it. Salad eaten it mayonais, salad tirascin include lemon, pepper and eat. Baked Beans, Tuna can, Crackers, and small food You can take.’ll get the nutrients such as protein. possible to cook and eat at home. outside and climb a reason cappituvatukuta weight. mainly pitsa, chicken item, such as France, of course kuttivitum weight.

14) Exercise, Diet and weight reduction is not so easy. Diet term உபயோகப்படுத்தாமல் healthy and eat think. Sure the proper diet, exercise, weight reducing. Hereditary because some fat will be. They try weight will be reduced. Physical health of victims, doctors advised to exercise can be done.

To reduce obesity. . .

* Simple exercise, to take a walk

* Daily 2 – to 3 liters of water to drink up

* Do not starvation

* A snack, not 0

* Potato, potato-like tuber varieties Sena Avoid intake

* Sweets, sugar types should be avoided as much as possible.

* Avoid fried foods and baked foods fried in oil, to give importance to.

* Except egg whites and yolks should be taken only

* Cool to trinsc ‘TADA’ should impose.

* Daily fruit utkollalam (2 – to 4 in)

* Dinner with him, beans, carrot, cabbage, Galle Flower, Drumstick, gourd, gourd, pumpkin, valaittantu, cucumber and add one of the daily amount of 200 g.

* 2 or 3 days once the spinach, flat peas, lentils, green lentils, such as the need to add variety to the diet.

* Kaikkuttal puffed rice, whole wheat, semolina wheat, ragi, grains such as rye and should be taken regularly.

* Avoid foods high in fat, very good. Even in the low-fat milk, the ‘tontu Milk’ use types.

* Non utkolvir to particular types of Tandoori. Chinese, Indian curries do.

Often their weight and eating habits to keep the takuntavari. Details of the average weight to be given to people at the table.

Untuvalvat carivikitamakki the diet to reduce obesity.

Listen to me. Do not talk logic.
Just listen to what I say as a slave.

Give attention to the matter.
Eating one, the other exercise.

Food. . .

Paciyarunkal course in the morning.
Do not place anything in the mouth then matiyamvarai.

Good food in the afternoon. Half rice, poultry, or fish that eat good nutritious food.
Vaikkatirkal on anything until after that night.

For dinner, chapattis, bread and eat that cimpel.
Do not do anything after that.

Nothing else will be eating this food.

Next, drinking drinks.
Tannirtan just a cold.
Kutikkakamal be anything other than cold water.

Tea, coffee, hot drink that first, Orange, Pepsi, Coca-Cola as a drink until no … no … no ….

Exercise. . .

It is very difficult to do that exercise alone. So, that exercise alone does not do anything.

Perform daily walk.
Deliberately, go walking every day.
Preferential go walking every day.

Go to market?
A 100 or 200 meters away from the car park we go to.

Go somewhere else?
Park the car to the door of the shop space, பயன்படுத்தாதிர்கள் it.
Visit the park and walks away.

If it keeps rising, just go up.
Those who want to climb.

Potanuma trash?
Highlight the trash and put down my stomach.

Kuttanuma house?
Add highlighted stomach down.

Take care,
Most importantly, the preferential,
Perform daily household chores.

All of the above methods is very easy.
There is no cost.

Give it a month.
I know the difference between body weight.

But, I know that no one will do.
Because they are not challenged.
There is nothing to be proud.
No cost money.

On the contrary,
The need for self-control.
Configure your mouth.
Menekkettu happen.

All this is very difficult.

Drug dealers sell anything to reduce body weight. They are the old-time medicine, modern medicine in the name of making something in our head. If possible, make the feces lesson, it is that natural remedies can deceive us. Business mayamtan all.

If the one side, people who want to reduce body weight, ready to take the drug will become subject to the feces. We reduced the weight to the right people. No matter what you eat.

If the body weight reduction medicines in the world, we see a rich person is not a bomb. Give me all the money, expensive medicine, will cilimmakattan. But in practice there is no such thing.


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