The medicinal properties of lentil contained in almonds?


The medicinal properties of lentil contained in almonds?

HD L. ​​good blood. Increase the daily decline patamparuppu kolastir kolastir malaise should eat 25 grams. If you need to spend a long time kolastir. In my work, I worry too much, then you can eat almonds paruppukalaiye continue for a few days. This vitamin can be generous.

Lentil phosphorus in almonds, mineral acid, which is found kuluttamik. The nerves, strengthen memory அதிகரித்துக்கொள்ளவும் twelve almonds in water at night urapottu daily grind in the morning to eat it. Skin should be removed before grinding the almonds on top of the lentil.

Almond eating more protein available to the body. Moreover almond meal that will increase the power of our digestive researchers have found. There are a lot of good bacteria in our colon. They destroy harmful bacteria, food cerimanattai are atikapatuttum nature. Thus, to the benefit of cerimana problems with the supply of food has chemicals that encourage the growth of bacteria.

If almond, chemicals are required to provide. Patamparuppu our iraippaiyai go beyond the colon, whereas there that encourages the growth of bacteria. Cerimana reduces the risk of complications. So not only are the health cerimana almond eat all you want. ‘

There is a cure for diabetes is to control the energy patam lentil revealed by new ayvonr.
Disease or diabetes, the insulin may decrease the ability to use hormonai reduced glucose into energy.

If kontuvara glucose control for diabetes, cholesterol, the body’s major organs in the body சேதப்படுத்திவிடும் from staying too long.
To increase the secretion of insulin and eating lentil foot, diabetic disease in the early stage

The nutrients in almonds

Good taramullatu protein in almonds. 6 g protein, 25 g almonds is on.
The fiber in almonds – 3 g in 25 g. 20 percent of the fiber, soluble fiber. 80 percent insoluble fiber. ஜீரணமண்டலத்திற்கு of the compound body very good. Levalai reduces cholesterol. The fiber in almonds, fat reduces the body to accept. The almond is a low calorie food. Protein, almonds are rich in narccattum tanikkinratu appetite took on a small scale.
The type of fat in almonds. Muhpa also lower cholesterol. In addition, almonds omega – 6 fatty acids are available. These are good for the heart. Less saturated fat in almonds.

Calcium necessary for bone growth in almonds, are pasparasa § e. Magnesium, Manganese and vitamin B – 6 are almonds. The calcium, pasparasa § E metabolism of carbohydrates, which are used to change. Vitamin B – 6 protein, which helps in the metabolism change. The limited size of the heart hemocaitic harmful. Even செறிந்திருக்கின்றது vitamin E in almonds. The body needs vitamin E daily, 15 mg.

Oats, soy, garlic, Batha friend of the heart. Erratu almond body weight. Many people do not believe it. Nuts such as almonds and many others to increase body weight. This opinion is not correct. Kontale gram less hungry and will include almonds. Provides 164 calories, 25 g almonds.

Benefits of Almonds

Fine dining Batha after peel. Irritating to the skin can cause esophageal almonds. Apart from almonds to swallow chewing in the mouth as well. So easy to digest. If starch is not suitable for patients with diabetes almonds.

Half of its weight on the amount of almond oil is extracted from. Vannamillamalum oil is taken. No yellow in color. Almond oil, minerals, vitamins and protein intensive. Carumattirkum all good. Retire to the body dry, itching, inflammation and remove the almond oil tatavuvat. Mirutuvakinratu skin by using almond oil. Receives fresh. Sweet almond oil is extracted from the soaps, used in the production of cosmetics. Coriyacis, ekcima almond oil Suitable for skin ailments. Tippunkalai used to promote healing.

Then peel the almonds with the sugar or honey almond mixture. Along with a good drink milk drink. Good health. Ground almond cakes, helps in the production of bread. Almond milk for stomach, urinary tract to the liver for good. Vayirrericcalai almond milk flow. Ayurvedic, Unani treatment is an important tonic in the almonds. Anemia, manakkalaippu, ஆண்மைக்குறைபாடுகள், constipation, respiratory disorders almonds for Danny to get used to them. Almond milk is low in fat. Almond milk and cow’s milk can be used instead.

According to studies in almonds anti 8 of 9 penalik chemicals – are aksitent properties. This will increase the body’s immune system by eating Batha. Cancer comes ignored. Untakkatu allergies except almonds. The almonds add flavor and nutritional value of their food has been increasing.

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